Athletic Facility Audio System Upgrade

Central Communications Systems, Inc (CCSI) received an inquiry from a high school Athletic Director who was interested in a new sound system for their outdoor athletic stadium in Massachusetts.

The athletic department wanted a system that was simple to use yet very capable of producing a high output, high fidelity sound with long range. Their goal was to impress the home crowd while making the opposing team jealous of their high quality system.

 Common customer requests for and high school athletic facility projects include:

-A versatile, easy to use system

-High quality sound for music and announcements

– Automated and instant messaging

-Game buzzers & Sound FX 

-Priority inputs and scene recall- allowing for multi-use such as practice where only local coverage is needed

For the task, CCSI chose a  high-performance audio system based around AtlasIED’s newest Loudspeaker and DSP products, which provide both local and wireless control of the entire system. This was the ideal product mix that met all of the needs for the athletic facility project.  

During the installation process, CCSI was keen on making sure the distributed system of coaxial weather resistant loudspeakers covered not only the home and visitor seats but also the far corners of the high school athletic stadium.

Through years of experience in the field, the decision was made to build a system that allowed for multiple local and wireless mic inputs and to accommodate the client’s playback media of choice.  This was an essential component in meeting the customer’s needs for a simple yet versatile system for their new high school athletics fields audio system. The client was impressed with the final product!

Having worked with hundreds of government and municipal facilities in the past; the client was pleased that we met all of their criteria to become a certified vendor and intends to use CCSI for ongoing audio and PA system upgrades within their district.

To see how Central Communications can help boost your Team’s morale with a new sound system, give us a call at 774-670-0500!

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