Commercial Security Systems That Are Trending Right Now

Over the recent months, we have seen an unprecedented increase in the demand for security systems installations. Take a look at the commercial security systems that are trending right now.

Why? People are feeling uncertain about the future

The driver behind the security system boom is the feeling of uncertainty. As small business owners, we understand that feeling.

Between the covid-19 lockdowns and subsequent financial losses, civil unrest, looting and ‘defending the police’, and rising insurance costs, businesses are investing in ways that they can protect themselves.  Naturally, installing or beefing up an existing security system at a warehouse, office, school or household is one way to proactively protect the people and assets that are important to you.

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Covid-19 has brought along some incredibly difficult challenges to businesses across the global economy.  With that, it’s also brought some innovation that is contributing the the ‘new normal’. Introducing, the marketing leading THRM-213 infrared, contactless thermometer!

The wrist temperature detection is the perfect solution for detecting individuals in high-traffic areas like airports and high-vulnerability environments like nursing homes, with a speedy recognition time of 0.2 seconds per individual. The advanced algorithm is proven for accurate detection.

Advanced analytics can indicate when an individual is wearing a mask and sets off an additional voice alarm to those who aren’t wearing one. The feature can be enabled or turned off at any point. With a built-in learning chip and a deep learning algorithm model, it provides a face/mask recognition accuracy rate greater than 99 percent.

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These turn-key HD-TVI surveillance systems produce up to 1080p full HD video that’s sharper and more detailed than traditional analog CCTV.  The indoor and outdoor HD camera systems provide the capabilities to meet all of your high-definition surveillance needs.

HD security cameras offer a cost-effective alternative to IP cameras and are as easy to operate as traditional analog video security cameras. Complete HD analog security systems use HD-TVI technology to record high-definition surveillance video over coax cable, with no compression artifacts or transmission-related delays.

Choose an HD security camera system if ease of use is important to you and you want to avoid networking challenges. Contact us to check out our partners’ newest models.


This security feature is commonly seen in large skyscrapers and office buildings over the past decade.  However, this effective security feature is becoming more popular in smaller office parks and in rural office buildings.

Companies are looking for ways to reduce risk and expenses at the same time.  The card access system is an excellent deterrent of dangerous persons or any unknown individuals onto a premise and can be less expensive than other traditional security options over the long term.

Unfortunately, in the world we live in, management has to take these extra steps to keep employees safe.  Unsolicited visitors to the office can result in the potential spread of illness or intended harm to employees as we see all too often.

The latest models of this proven system can also be utilized at company facilities such as garages and vending machines to ensure ultimate security.

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Similar to the rest of civilization, the introduction of “cloud security” has taken off and will continue to shape the industry going forward.  Industry professionals urge customers to consider converting to cloud when making a new security investment as it will surely be the way of the future.


There are a number of benefits to new cloud security systems:

  • No recording devices to manage
  • Unlimited cameras, locations, and user-access
  • Secure off-premise data storage
  • Enhanced Security
  • Unparalleled Accessibility – View Multiple Locations, Anywhere, Anytime


Now that you are aware of the commercial security systems that are trending right now, utilize our resources to learn about the proper security bundle for your business.  Contact us for a free consultation.

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