Video Wall Noc Solution

An East Coast IT company with over 25 years of experience in providing highly reliable and scalable, all-fiber networking solutions needed to upgrade their Network Operations Center with a video wall solution that combined state-of-the-art video wall display technology with robust control and signal management for high reliability and overall low cost of ownership.


The company’s IT Operation Center is setup at their corporate headquarters which has been refurbished in a contemporary style. To complement interior scheme and highly functional workspace, Central Communications Systems was hired to design and implement an innovative video wall NOC that incorporates some groundbreaking AV technologies.

A wide range of AV products were fused into a world class solution that included: eight ultra-narrow NEC video wall displays, two separate LG displays (used in a different part of the building), a Lightware FR33 Matrix (with HDMI inputs and HDBaseT outputs), an HRS Enterprise Rack Server, and an HRS Touch Screen Display custom programed with HRS control software — allowing the user to easily change video wall layouts to view any of their source computers at full screen or within different windowed layouts.



To change the layout of the 4×2 video wall displays with ease and to allow different configurations from one or multiple sources.


Central Communications Systems had multiple options to select from for the purpose of video switching and signal management, based on the parameters provided by the client. With Central Communications Systems extensive knowledge in the AV space, they knew that High Resolution Systems (HRS) was an industry leader with AV control solutions. With HRS’ customized control software, Enterprise Rack Server and Touch Screen, a more robust solution was developed with future proof, fail safe, design freedom and budget friendly. What they also discovered (thanks to a recommendation from HRS) was Lightware was one of the most efficient AV matrix options they could, with the focus on signal distribution and signal management.

Central Communications Systems also discovered that Lightware and HRS had years of experience in providing video wall solutions as well as having a great understanding of the challenge at hand — this would play a key role in providing a full end-to-end solution for the end client.


With the HRS Touch Screen, the user is provided with the ability to adjust the configuration on the video wall. Multiple layout options were provided to enable the user to view numerous sources simultaneously at once or make content sources larger for greater detail. The customized HRS video-wall layouts helped take advantage of the built-in capabilities of the NEC display panels along with the Lightware matrix for source switching to each display which reduced cost and complexity of system design, configuration and ultimately made the training and day-to-day use much easier for the end user.


As this solution was going to be used as a 24/7 support function, being able to switch and change multiple sources in real time provided greater speed and interaction. The end solution had to be fail safe, seamless and provide a matrix with zero frame delay.


HRS provided a technical support specialist on-site to help set up the system and oversee all of the technical aspects of the video wall control system. This helped streamline the implementation and provided piece-of-mind to the Central Communications Systems staff and the end customer’s teams.


The combined solution with Lightware USA and HRS provided an integrated video wall system that provided a solution that was easy to use, able to be updated as needed, a simple interface with a robust signal management structure that was delivered on time, within budget and to the client’s exacting specifications.

This blog first appeared on our partners’ site, High Resolution Systems.

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